Devwerkz brings the technical talent necessary for building intuitive and functional web-based apps — and keeping them running.

Applications have fueled disruption and made way to improvements that and transformed industries. In the process, they have solved complex organizational problems across industries. From hailing transportation on-demand to tracking stocks and inventory, the arrival of apps made it seem effortless to complete otherwise time-consuming tasks.

But behind every app, even those that seem straightforward, is complex technology, robust architecture, and precise code – all engineered to deliver a cohesive and intuitive experience.

Whether you need a web-based app to streamline your operations, improve customer experience, or overtake your competition, Devwerkz can help. Using our technical know-how, strategic insights, and knowledge of industry best practices, we build web-based apps that spur brand success.

Quality, Intuitive Apps for Any Industry

Are you in the hospitality industry and are looking for a solution that allows your guests to book a room with just a few clicks? Perhaps you’re in retail and in need of a solution that lets you accurately keep track of your inventory?

We’re aware that you may be operating in a saturated and competitive market. We empower you to one-up the competition by bridging the time to market through functional web apps that are easy to use. The quicker you can get working results, the more efficient your operations, and the more satisfied your customers will be.

To help you stay on top, our service includes rigorous testing. This lets us squash any bugs before they do damage and address change requests earlier. That way, we get to maintain the overall quality of your web app.

Experience the Devwerkz Difference Devwerkz builds web-based applications that are:

Fully customizable.

Integrate your logo, your company’s colors, or any other detail that makes your app a reflection of your brand.


Our goal is to deliver web-based apps that put users front and center. We make sure your app is easy to navigate, straightforward, and delivers without a glitch.


We listen to your needs, to make sure your new app will be of value to your users.

Secure and scalable.

We integrate security measures, especially for apps that store sensitive user information. Your new, high-quality app is scalable, so it grows with your organization.

The Right App Development Agency for You

The right app development agency will keep communication lines open. At Devwerkz, we take pride in maintaining flexible support hours for clients around the globe.

The Right App Development Agency for You

The right app development agency will keep communication lines open. At Devwerkz, we take pride in maintaining flexible support hours for clients around the globe.

Our team is also big on transparency. Before we even begin on your app development project, we assess your needs together, so we can provide expert suggestions or gauge if you really need an app. We give honest inputs and put your needs first.

Apart from our technical expertise, experienced project management is also one of our strengths. We utilize processes that keep your project moving efficiently. As part of our commitment to transparency, we give you regular updates while your project is ongoing, to make sure the end product is just as you have envisioned.

What’s more, we employ an agile approach to app development. This operating principle lets you offer app updates to consumers who seek regular app improvements and updates. We stay updated on the trends, so we can integrate new app features that keep you on top.

It All Starts with a Plan

Some apps can be inherently less discoverable on the internet. In such cases, you need to double down on marketing to make sure your target users find your app.

At our full-service agency, projects always begin with a plan. This includes planning for app marketing, as well as looking into the app’s technical requirements.

During the discovery and planning stage, we understand what you need to achieve with your new app. At this stage, we ensure that the technology necessary to design and build your app is in place. We might ask questions such as: what features do you want for your app? Would it require data integrations, in case it needs to read and write back data?

Do all this jargon sound alien to you? Leave it to our user interface designers and information architects to handle the technical aspects of the job. But don’t hesitate to ask us about any of our processes. We’ll be happy to tell you about what we’re working on. By working closely with you, we can be sure that your entire app development project will go off without a hitch.

Our App Development Process

The Devwerkz team is strategic about building apps for businesses across all industries. After a comprehensive brand discovery and app planning process, we move on to complete the other stages in our tested-and-proven process. This includes:

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  • Building your digital product.

    Our team works together in building online browser-based applications with PHP. Regardless of your app’s purpose, you can count on us to build a digital product that integrates core features that your users will love. We are prepared to code apps for any industry or purpose including property management, inventory, event ticketing, project tracking, room booking or appointment scheduling, and beyond. The best part? We make sure that your project runs smoothly and on budget.

  • QA and launch.

    At this stage, we get rid of any bugs and make sure your new app will run smoothly. QA begins the moment we begin developing your app. We’re not scared of breaking the app we just built, to ensure that it’s bug-free and serves its purpose. We squash any bugs before your app is launched.

  • Maintenance and iteration.

    Like any digital product, your new app needs constant testing, improvement, and iteration. We build upon feedback from your users to learn how we can improve their in-app experience. We tune in to customer feedback and conduct regular testing, so we can optimize the in-app experience for your users. With us, app maintenance and improvement are always ongoing processes.

Ready to Get Started?

Let us know how we can help to grow your business. With flexible support hours, we can cater to the needs of our international clients around the globe.

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