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CMSMagentoOutsourcingWeb ApplicationsWeb DevelopmentWordPressSeptember 1, 2022

The Evolution of eCommerce

eCommerce is rapidly changing together with modern technologies and online trends. Check out this blog to learn about its history, current trends, and future developments that may change the industry forever.

by: MC Rogado
DesignWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentJuly 29, 2022

How to Keep your SEO Rankings During a Website Redesign

A website redesign is meant to improve user experience and SEO. But if you don’t do it right, you could lose your SERP rankings and undo all of your hard work. Read this blog to find out how to redesign your website without losing SEO.

by: MC Rogado
DesignUser ExperienceUser InterfaceWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentJuly 19, 2022

When is it Time for a Website Redesign?

Outdated code and design practices are detrimental to growing your brand. Revamping your website gets you back on track and improves conversion rates, bounce rates, and customer satisfaction. But how would you know when to rework your site? In this blog, we listed 10 signs that it’s time to implement a website redesign.

by: Christine Uy
DesignOutsourcingUser ExperienceUser InterfaceWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentJuly 5, 2022

10 Ways to Improve Website Navigation

Website navigation plays a key role in converting visitors into paying customers. It’s what keeps bounce rates low and engagement high. To succeed online, the structure of your website must be intuitive and easy to follow for any user. Keep reading to learn how to improve your website navigation.

by: Aviana Rogado
OutsourcingWeb ApplicationsWeb DevelopmentJune 9, 2022

Basics of Multi-Touch Development

Multi-touch features greatly improve UX and user satisfaction. The technology allows users to interact with a platform using intuitive gestures with their fingers. Read this blog to learn about the science behind multi-touch technology, basic implementation, and what you need to know during development.

by: Jymyl Bandong
DesignNewsWeb DevelopmentMay 23, 2022

Team Building and Retreat⁠ – The DevWerkz Way

DevWerkz held its first in-person team building activity since getting incorporated in 2019. Get to know how we improved our team’s working relations and transparency in this blog.

by: MC Rogado
DesignGraphic DesignOutsourcingUser ExperienceUser InterfaceWeb ApplicationsWeb DesignWeb DevelopmentMay 6, 2022

7 Tips to Design a Better Mobile Site for Touchscreen Devices

Smartphones and tablets are dominating today’s digital landscape. By designing platforms specifically for these gadgets, you can set the standards higher for mobile-friendliness. Learn about the key considerations and tips on designing for touchscreen devices in this blog.

by: Pat Mapili
NewsOutsourcingWeb DevelopmentWordPressApril 21, 2022

Best Web Hosting Services in 2022

The quality of your web host affects user experience and SERP rankings tremendously. In this blog, we created a list of the best web hosting service services in 2022 to help you choose the right one. Keep reading to learn more.

by: Jymyl Bandong
CMSMagentoOutsourcingWeb ApplicationsWeb DevelopmentWordPressMarch 17, 2022

7 New CSS Features in 2022

CSS is an integral part of modern web development. Every year, the CSS Working Group releases new features to help web developers build stunning pages faster. This year, CSS is expected to launch an exciting lineup. Keep reading to learn more.

by: Ivan Bergonia

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