More often than not, website development is a never-ending process. Online businesses must invest in continuous evolution in order to synchronize with ever-changing consumer demands. DevWerkz is more than passionate to do the grunt work for you. Partnering with us means that your e-commerce site stays relevant, up-to-date, and agile.

Our on-call development services include the following

Website maintenance

Our team goes out of its way to ensure your site is operating to the highest standards. We routinely track and monitor your site’s performance through advanced analytics and provide informed recommendations. Our maintenance services may include software updates, security enhancements, and error fixes. We also update websites to make them more search engine- and customer-friendly.

Emergency response

While we follow a preventive approach to website maintenance, meaning we fix the issue before it even happens, 911’s are still inevitable. Whether it’s a small bug fix, speed enhancement, or a site or plugin update, you can expect DevWerkz to put out fires within support hours. If it’s an emergency, we will respond as quickly as possible.

New feature requests

We've created countless unique web applications for our clients. We can cater to all types of feature requests that you might need to up your branding or boost your sales. These include adding new pages to a site, tweaking the layout of existing pages or sections, or updating content. We can also add third-party integrations such as email newsletter signups with MailChimp, automations with Zapier, online affiliate commissions with Post Affiliate Pro, and the list goes on.

Custom WordPress theme or plugin creation

If you wish to deploy a custom functionality for your website, or try out a new theme to enhance your site’s look, we can make it happen. If you’re planning to run a seasonal promotion, site-wide sale, or contest, we’ll help you plan for it and ensure your site has the tools to run it successfully.

Protect yourself from scammers. Do not interact with people claiming to be from DevWerkz unless we reach out from our official Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. See our recent post here. Thank you.