DevWerkz is the only agency you’ll need if you want to scale your retail business. We offer end-to-end e-commerce development solutions for brick-and-mortar businesses and online stores looking to reach new heights.

Technology is undoubtedly an enabler for businesses of all kinds, especially amid these uncertain times. It provides continuity for businesses to operate and thrive. Whether you’re just entering the world of e-commerce or you have an online store that needs a major overhaul, we’ll help you every step of the way.

Online Shopping That’s Built with Your Business in Mind

Whatever platform you use, we create a shopping experience that fits your products and business processes while allowing your customers to shop with ease.

Start Selling Online with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is WordPress’ simple but robust web development plugin that can power small to large-sized retail businesses. It comes with a free base product from where you can start customizing your online store to fit the needs of your business. Whether you’re selling a few, special items to a hundred products with multiple variants, DevWerkz can adapt WooCommerce to the size and complexity of your business. We can optimize your online store to meet your brand and customer requirements, and transform it into a well-oiled sales machine using cutting-edge tools. Unlock endless possibilities for your online store with WooCommerce today.

Power Your Enterprise with Magento 1

Looking to expand to different geographic locations? Magento 1 is the best development platform that will enable your business to become a global online marketplace. If simplicity is WooCommerce’s biggest advantage, Magento 1 boasts scalability. It is built on open source technology, which means you’ll have full control over the look, content, and functionality of your online store. On top of that, Magento 1 is SEO-friendly and faster-loading, and it comes with a flexible Content Management System and advanced analytics tools. DevWerkz has a team of Magento-certified developers, so you’ll have a digital store that’s built on a strong business strategy and the most cutting-edge development technologies.

The DevWerkz Difference

At DevWerkz, our approach to website design and development goes beyond planning and execution. We make sure our work translates into tangible business results. And we achieve this by following a proven process:


DevWerkz has a solid, proven intake process that ensures a seamless web development process. We will first get to know the ins and outs of your business and industry, and conduct comprehensive competitor analysis and customer research. This way, we can truly immerse ourselves in your business and handle your website as if it is our own.


During the planning stage, our team will extract more insights from you and provide our recommendations based on our findings. We use cutting-edge wireframing and prototyping tools so you can see what your website will look like. The same goes for custom tools or plugins you wish to have on your site. This way, you’re never in the dark and you can expect an end-product that you’re completely confident and satisfied with.

Designing & Coding

Once we complete the prototype and get your green light, we’ll get straight to coding your e-commerce website. Our front-end developers bring the envisioned design to life, while our back-end developers ensure that your site’s functionalities are optimized to a tee. They will then begin the process of making your online store responsive to give your visitors an optimal shopping experience across all types of devices and screen sizes.


After a series of coding, staging, and testing, we’re ready to deploy your e-commerce site to a live web server. Our team will make sure that the entire process is smooth before your site goes live. This way, when you’re ready to open your digital doors, the leads and sales will start coming in.


In e-commerce, a simple bug could translate to big cash flow losses. To ensure that your e-commerce site stays on and functioning optimally, we offer on-call website maintenance services. We have a reliable support team who will quickly respond to emergencies and meet your customization requests when you need them. We’ll make sure that your site stays in tune with the latest development, design, and SEO standards.

Seamless Shopping Experiences Built on Robust Platforms

DevWerkz has powered countless online businesses from the ground up, with a client pool ranging from small online stores to expansive online marketplaces. We use our expertise in user design and web engineering to create memorable shopping experiences for consumers. By partnering with us, you can expect a business that’s always on and a website that meets the highest standards and consumer demands.

Future-Proof E-Commerce Development

Businesses face overwhelming uncertainties. Everything you’ve worked so hard to build for many years could disappear overnight. But having a fully-optimized e-commerce store gives businesses a unique edge over those that are purely brick-and-mortar. Let our seasoned team of web developers build you an adaptable website that will keep the calls coming and the cash register ringing.

Work With Us
  • End-to-End Process

    An end-to-end web development process means we’ll build your online store from the ground up and ensure its steady operation. The process will involve planning the site’s structure, designing the UI and graphics, developing front and back ends, and even creating content, all the way to testing, implementing, and maintaining the final product. To put it simply, DevWerkz is your one-stop-shop for e-commerce web development.

  • Continuous Partnership

    Client retention is a top priority at DevWerkz. We have many clients that have stayed with us for many years, proving our commitment and dedication. To ensure that your store is always up-to-date, competitive, and seamless, you need partners who will be available whenever you need them. DevWerkz is always a phone call or message away. Our fast-response approach is available for all our clients.

  • Agility and Scalability

    Agility and scalability are the key ingredients to every successful e-commerce business. An agile online store means it is built on mechanisms that let you identify what doesn’t work quickly so you can adapt when needed. It gives your business the ability to respond to change as efficiently and effectively as possible. A scalable online store means it expands as your target market or operations expand, and that it can easily be customized with a range of capabilities. DevWerkz makes all these possible.

Ready to Get Started?

Discover a wide range of e-commerce development solutions at DevWerkz. However you envision your online business to be, we will make it happen.

Work With Us

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