Real Estate Listing Platform

DevWerkz has a proven track record of creating digital platforms that transform the way businesses run. One perfect example is the real estate listing platform we designed and developed for a reputable property consultancy firm in the Philippines.

What We Did:

  • Web App Design & Development

The client has a long list of commercial properties that they need to keep track of, and most of these are large buildings for commercial use.

Given the size of the market they cater to and portfolio they manage, the client needed to make sure that their vacancies are always filled and their assets efficiently managed. To move this goal forward, our team created a platform that would list all units of a particular building. The listings will include all the necessary specifications, including size, features, agent in charge, certifications, and status (whether it’s vacant or occupied). The system will then generate reports based on what

data is needed, such as identifying which buildings have the highest vacancy rates.

Given that the company operates in a highly competitive and crowded market which includes rapidly-growing business districts and mixed-use developments, the client needed a platform that would give them a significant edge among competitors.

Thanks to DevWerkz, the firm now has a user-focused web application that would give prospective clients access to the list of properties the firm manages, along with ample information to aid their search.

The platform is neatly-organized and optimized for today’s digital-savvy business owners.

On the operational side, the firm now has a cutting-edge platform that not only lets them manage and customize their listings but also get key business insights. The system will inform them of each property’s occupancy and vacancy rate so they can make confident, informed decisions. With these accurate, real-time data, they can allocate their resources more effectively when and where they are needed.

From a design perspective, the platform is a stunner.

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