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On-demand childcare usually means calling up friends and relatives to watch the kids or hiring a babysitter last minute. Today’s parents are always busy and on-the-move, and when emergencies come up, they will have to leave their kids in the hands of someone they trust. But what if their trusted emergency caretakers are also unavailable? This is a dilemma one of our clients aimed to address.

What We Did:

  • Website
  • Web App UI Design

DevWerkz extended its expertise in web application (UI) design to create a platform that would allow parents in the US to easily find on-demand or backup daycare for their kids.

The goal is to connect parents with the right providers as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, we created a platform called QuickCare that would be useful to both parents and daycare centers. Parents will get access to an Airbnb-style dashboard that lets them browse through nearby centers, book tours, and even reserve slots with their chosen centers. The app will ensure that parents are only contacting reputable, licensed child care providers. With the app, parents can easily find back-up and even long-term care with just a few swipes. Whenever something comes up and they need somewhere to deposit their kids, they can simply take out their phones and book a center using QuickCare. The platform also comes with a useful, intuitive dashboard for daycare centers. Using a single tool, they can manage their schedules and appointments, as well as view their earnings and other financial data from using QuickCare.

QuickCare is set to help our client achieve its two goals.

One is to provide high-quality and trustworthy on-demand daycare for kids in the US and peace of mind for their parents. The other is to help centers increase their revenue by meeting the growing demand for back-up care. With all the bookings and slot reservations made online, the process of enrollment will be fast, easy, and paperless.

Centers will also be able to cut down on marketing costs because the tedious task of reaching out to parents will be done through QuickCare, allowing them to focus on improving their facilities and services. The two apps will soon be available to parents and centers in New Jersey, and eventually, be accessible to the rest of the county.

Flexible childcare will soon be in the hands of parents across the country.

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