Job Search Listing Platform

DevWerkz partnered with a company in the recruitment industry to develop a ground-breaking job listing platform. The platform is set to be mutually beneficial for both job candidates and companies. It will benefit job seekers by forcing companies to provide feedback on their applications. Companies, on the other hand, will get to charge prospective candidates when they apply for a position.

What We Did:

  • Website
  • Web App Design & Development

Unlike other job listing platforms, this one allows for a more fine-tuned recruitment process.

Companies can quickly find top talents without swimming through a sea of mediocre prospects. The process is simple: they will first post a job, the platform will then analyze their needs, then it will retrieve a refined list of likely candidates. Job seekers, on the other hand, can browse through a pool of listings and pay a fee whenever they apply for a post. What this does is avoid spam applications, allowing companies a quicker way to find suitable candidates. In exchange for the fee, job seekers will receive insightful feedback about their application.

DevWerkz is in charge of designing and developing the website, along with its accompanying app. Our goal is to help the client penetrate the market with a bang through cohesive, user-friendly design, robust front- and back-end development, and branding that stands out from the competition.

We understand that the market is oversaturated, but the platform will be ahead of the curve in terms of its approach to recruitment.

It’s a big departure from the timely and costly process of sending out listings to arbitrary audiences.

It’s also ground-breaking in a way that it doesn’t leave applicants in the dark about their performance in every job application.

Using our extensive knowledge in website and mobile app design and development, we are able to create a platform that simplifies the process of connecting great companies with great talent.

Through an intuitive dashboard, companies will be able to customize their profile and job listings to suit their branding and needs.

It takes a few taps of a button to track new applicants, chat with them, and schedule interviews. On the design end, the dashboard is clean and no-frills so that recruiters can quickly find what they need – star applicants who are as equally eager to land the perfect job.

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