Habits of Waste


Habits of Waste is a non-profit environmental organization that advocates for reducing habitual waste in the city of Malibu and beyond. Founded and led by Sheila Morovati, the group’s main goal is to prevent habitual waste, such as single-use plastic straws and cutlery, from reaching the landfill. The call-to-action is to “create collective societal change through individualized shifts in habitual behavior.”

What We Did:

  • Logo Design
  • Wordpress Design & Development

Putting up a website (habitsofwaste.org) was one of the many initiatives lined up to help achieve this goal. So the group sought the help of DevWerkz to create a website that should put its noble cause forward and spread awareness about its many initiatives.

Branding and user-friendly design were key focus areas of this project. The client wanted a brand that appealed to a mature audience. To achieve this, we cut to chase and created a homepage that put the message loud and clear from the get-go. We laid out a no-frills design that would make the content stand out and make the experience an informative, educational, and inspiring one.

A user-friendly website would help readers find the information they need about the organization and its efforts without any friction.

Through the simple and intuitive navigation menu, readers can easily access information about each HoW campaign. From the homepage, readers can get updated on the group’s upcoming events. Donating to the cause also takes a few simple steps. With just a click of a button, readers are directed to a form where they can choose to donate to their campaign of choice via a PayPal account or a debit/credit card.

The client wanted to be able to update the website’s content herself, so we built it in the most user-friendly way possible and taught her team how to update content for their various campaigns. With our clean and simple design, the HoW team can easily upload notices for upcoming events, primers on new campaigns, and post-event documentation, making it easier for them to generate buzz about their work.

DevWerkz’ engagement with Habits of Waste is still ongoing, with our team handling the organization’s print and digital design needs for their continuous events. Our designers create invitations, posters, and social media assets that would ensure the HoW branding remains consistent.

More From This Project

By applying the latest design best practices, we are able to help the HoW team get their message across as effectively as possible.

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