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We all know how securing dentist appointments can be a hassle, especially here in the Philippines where clinics are usually few and far in between. If you do find one, it’s usually jam-packed and the wait time can be more excruciating than the tooth ache you’re having. Even more so if it’s a dental emergency where urgent care is necessary. Fortunately, advancements in software technology has paved the way for more efficient patient management and appointment scheduling in dental clinics.

What We Did:

  • Web App Design & Development
  • Custom Plugin

Book Your Teeth is one such ground-breaking platform, which DevWerkz designed and developed.

It helps dental clinics manage their appointments and patient records all in one place. It comes with an intuitive dashboard for clinic staff to view their calendar of appointments. Using the app, they can either approve or decline appointment requests. Approved requests will generate a queue number for the patient. The calendar is linked to a monitor in their clinic, which presents the appointments for the day in a queuing system. The system can also manage walk-in appointments, where the staff can simply include patients in the queue.

DevWerkz also created a custom plugin for the partner dentist’s website, which appears as a form that patients will fill out to schedule an appointment. The data entered will then be synced to the clinic’s dashboard.

Book Your Tooth has proved to be a powerful tool for dental care providers.

It helps clinics cut down operational costs but also save their staff the hassle of manually scheduling appointments. More importantly, the platform ensures a smooth booking process for patients so they can receive dental care when they need it. Dental professionals can now take full control of their clinic and deliver on their promise of providing quality care. Dental patients won’t run the risk of braving the Manila traffic only to find out that the clinic is fully-booked.

DevWerkz is also in the process of building a patient history module to allow clinics to digitize their records. This will include dentistry-specific requirements such as color-coded tooth charts and other helpful tools aimed at patient education.

The platform is easy to use and is flexible enough to adapt to the unique needs of various clinics. Users can even customize the app to suit their clinic and access the app using their phones — the perfect tool for the modern dental clinic.

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